QuantumProf is a free and easy-to-use mobile app with multiple functionalities that help students and faculty connect.

Students can look up, contact, and direct-message professors at their college or university to find course announcements, office hours, preferred methods of communication, meeting locations, real-time availability, and much more.

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How QuantumProf Works

Download the app from the Apple App Store, select your university or college, enter a few details about yourself, and you’re done! Connect with your students or profs! 

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Why QuantumProf Works

Countless studies have shown that student-faculty interaction is crucial for student-success and directly linked with student-achievement.

Although “office hours” seem great in theory, even advocates admit that “[g]iven the demands of our curricula… [professors] rarely have time to engage individually with each student every single day.”

For a host of reasons, many students either cannot or do not like attending office hours. Students are busier than ever, and the number of ‘non-traditional’ is growing so quickly that even the term, ‘non-traditional’ is no longer apt.

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Get QuantumProf

QuantumProf is currently beta-testing at select colleges and universities in New York State. 

The App will be available on the Apple App Store (Sept. 10, 2019), but functionality and use for colleges and universities beyond the beta-testing group will not be available until the Spring of 2020.

Welcome to QuantumProf!

These Terms of Use govern your use of QuantumProf and provide information about the QuantumProf service. 

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Yes. QuantumProf is free to users (students, graduate students, faculty) but will ultimately be licensed by institutions of higher education who want their students and faculty to maximize student-faculty interaction. 

QuantumProf is beta testing at select colleges and universities in New York State. If your college or university is not yet listed and you are interested in trying QuantumProf right away, contact mhbowker@quantumprof.com and we may be able to add your institution to our beta list. Eventually, of course, all institutions of higher education and their constituents (students and faculty) will have the opportunity to use QuantumProf. Our expected release date for the final version of the app is Spring 2020. 

With QuantumProf, professors have control and flexibility concerning how they interact with students. 

  1. Professors always have the option to turn direct messaging on or off.
  2. Professors can note their preferences for communication in their profiles.
  3. Professors can leave a message or annoucnement to students that they do not prefer direct messaging but would be happy to receive emails, phone calls at their office, etc.  

While QuantumProf is not responsible for the nature or content of any interactions between students and faculty, we hope that the multitude of contact-options will allow students to connect with their profer\ssors in ways that professors have selected in accordance with their preferences. For instance, if a professor does not wish to receive direct-message or is slow to reply via email, but has indicated that he/she prefers phone calls at his/her office number, or that he/she holds extended office hours at certain dates and times, then this information can help you to find creative ways to interact. Furthermore, because QuantumProf allows professors to leave announcements and messages for all students who view their profiles, you may find that some or all of your questions are answered already.